Quick Tips #2 - The Six Ways to Combat “Zoom Meeting Fatigue”

Written by Injoy Global Co-Founder & COO, Jeff Baietto on May 11, 2020

Although the “working totally remote” world was completely new to many employees at first, most still tried to approach every Zoom, GoToMeeting or Skype video call with enthusiasm and focus.

But as the months of our new reality have dragged on, those initial levels of gusto have waned. Employees worldwide are suffering from cases of “Zoom Fatigue” that seem to be getting worse by the day.

Unfortunately, supervisors must still find ways to keep their businesses moving forward. So while Zoom fatigue may be rampant, it is unlikely that the need for meetings themselves will disappear any time soon.  So what can you do?

Here are six tips:

1. Again, lead with empathy – As I mentioned in my last post, you should place the health and welfare of your employees above all. And the truth is Zoom meetings really are more exhausting than in-person meetings - for a number of reasons. These include eye strain, over-focus and added stress.

2. Encourage employees to avoid multi-tasking during calls - Making sure you should explain this is actually for their benefit.

We all find ourselves trying to sneak in a surreptitious email or clicking around the web during Zoom calls. But research proves all that eye movement and concern that you look unfocused can be mentally draining. Focusing solely on the call will actually help you relax – and get more done.

3. Encourage employees – and supervisors - to build in breaks – Many of your employees are being required to hop straight out of one Zoom meeting right into the next one - with zero down time in between.

This can be particularly fatiguing. In office life, you actually got breaks – even if they were only when you left one meeting room to walk to the next one. But endless Zoom meetings can leave one staring at the same screen for hours on end. Wearing you down mentally, physically and emotionally.

4.Teach employees how to minimize participant windows – especially the one where they appear - Like everyone else – we tend to hyper-focus on our own image, looking for flaws or hints that you’re not exactly 100% engaged. So tell them to hide their own windows from view.

Make sure they know it’s okay if they’re not staring at the screen constantly. Make it clear that you are fully aware that they don’t need to appear laser-focused every second of every meeting to pay attention.

5. Avoid video meetings whenever possible. Many people default to video for any meeting. But you should make it clear to supervisors that they shouldn’t.

Not all meetings or messages can be done via phone call or email - but many can. Shifting your communications to one of those options will likely be welcomed by your video-weary warriors.

6. Make meetings shorter – or reduce their number altogether! Let’s be honest - most business meetings could be concluded in about half the time they usually take. Just because you’ve scheduled an hour doesn’t mean you have to fill up the whole thing.

And while this period remote working can help show that we can communicate in a variety of different ways – it could also reveal that you’re having too many meetings to begin with.

Give your employees a break, let them focus on their tasks – and you could well see their productivity soar.

We’ll get through this together!



Jeff Baietto
Injoy Global COO + Co-Founder
Mobile : (310) 401-4997

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