Quick Tips #6 – Five Great Productivity Hacks for Remote Workers

Written by Injoy Global Co-Founder & COO, Jeff Baietto on May 22, 2020

Like millions around the world, many of your employees are working remotely for the first time in their careers. While some may thrive in this new environment, others may find it extremely difficult to maintain their previous levels of productivity.

This is completely understandable – and should be managed with empathy. Helping your employees who are struggling will benefit everyone. In fact, with the right amount of encouragement and guidance – most workers can actually be even more productive remotely than they are at the office.

Here are five tips that can help:

1. Encourage Your Employees to Establish a Regular Schedule – Every employee should figure out what routine works best for them, of course.  But most will do best if they stick as closely to their previous office routine as possible.

This includes getting started around the same time – as well as calling it a day at the same time.  Establishing a routine will help them feel more in control – and become more productive.

2. Help Them Set Priorities – in addition to being remote for the first time, your employees may also be working without in-person supervision for the first time, as well.  This can cause stress and uncertainty as to what they should do first.

Have your managers work with your staff to identify the most important items, set deadlines and check in via regular meetings. This can actually help reduce your employees’ anxiety – as they know exactly where they must focus their efforts – and when everything is due.

3. Advise Them to Establish Boundaries – given that their work life and home life just overlapped with zero warning, it makes sense that employees can feel overwhelmed. In addition to work, many are also caring for children, other family members or pets.

One of the best ways to handle this is to set clear boundaries that will partition their home life from their work day. This includes establishing a clear physical “office” where they can work undisturbed - along with set “hours” where they should be left alone to focus.

And you as their employer should respect their boundaries, as well. Just because they can work 24/7 doesn’t mean they should. In fact, they’ll be far more productive if they don’t. You’ll probably find those “super urgent” after-hours calls and emails can wait until the next morning.

4. Recommend They Avoid Social Media, TV and the Internet While Working – Speaking of boundaries, your employees should establish some for themselves, too. It’s easy to get lost for hours on Facebook, YouTube, Netflix – or any other entertainment venue if you’re not careful.

There’s nothing wrong with logging on to laugh, learn or relax after your work is done. But getting sucked in during working hours can put them behind schedule, adding to their stress and reducing their productivity. Better to avoid the temptation as much as possible during working hours.

5. Remind Them to Take Care of Themselves – Physical and mental self-care is critically important during these stressful times. Encourage employees to get plenty of rest, eat right, exercise – and carve out time for themselves. Everyone needs to let the wells refill - even if this is just while driving in your commute. But remote workers no longer have that alone time either.

Between teaching their kids, watching the news, endless Zoom calls – and an inability to escape their houses, your employees can get worn down quickly.  Encourage them to relax, listen to music, take a walk – or anything else that might help soothe their nerves.  Their productivity will likely surge – and they’ll be eternally grateful for your guidance and understanding.

We hope these tips will help both you and your staff get through this unprecedented period in our lives. We firmly believe that maintaining a positive attitude and culture will help us all emerge stronger once COVID-19 has passed.

We’ll get through this.


P.S. Please share your own tips or suggestions on what you are doing with your teams in the comments below.
Jeff Baietto
COO + Co-Founder

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