Quick Tips #12: The Five Ways Leaders Can Use Positive Psychology to Inspire Their Remote Teams

Written by Injoy Global Co-Founder & COO, Jeff Baietto on June 12, 2020

2020 has been tough on everyone. From lock downs to pandemics to public unrest, positive news has been hard to find. This could cause some employees to become discouraged, especially if they are working remote and alone.

Great leaders know that their employees are looking to them to set the tone.  As always, you should lead with empathy and acknowledge that they are working under unprecedented circumstances. But most of all, you should be always be seeking ways to help them maintain a positive outlook in their lives and jobs.

Here are five ways you can help bring this about:

1. Set a personal example – Leaders should project optimism whenever they interact with their teams. Smile during your Zoom calls. Be positive. Publicly call out your own personal gratitude for the things that are going well. Remind employees of your belief in your joint futures together.

Look for ways to compliment people early and often. Acknowledge their personal development and growth. Celebrate their victories – no matter how minor. This will remind remote employees that you are aware of their hard work and rooting for their success.

2. Encourage a Growth Mindset – Leaders who have a “growth mindset” focus on what can be learned from the results of any project – as opposed to harping on any mistakes that may have been made.

Placing the emphasis on leveraging your learnings can help reduce an employees’ stress, increase their positive outlook – and embolden them to advance new ideas which could lead to big payoffs in the long run.

3. Keep employees focused on your company’s positive values and purpose – Leaders of companies with strong corporate cultures are well aware of the values and missions that drive their success. It is important to remind employees of these principles on a regular basis, as well.

These efforts will help reinforce that everyone in the company is working together towards the same worthy purpose. This realization can help inspire employees to keep going – even when the road ahead is unclear.

4. Provide guidance and encouragement on a constant basis – Many corporations only provide feedback to their employees during their annual reviews. Giving them little reassurance or sense of how they are performing the other 364 days of the year. This can cause employees to feel as though they are wandering leaderless – especially if they are working remote.

Good leaders know that if they want their employees to be engaged with their work and committed to them as a boss – then they must personally engage with those employees, as well. Workers who feel respected and valued can become one of the most valuable assets in your company.

5. Show your employees that you trust them – Treating workers like they are capable, competent and responsible will likely result in employees who behave that same way. People tend to rise to meet your level of expectation.

Assume they will hit their deadlines and fulfill all their obligations. Avoid the temptation to micro-manage remote employees just because they are out of sight. Giving them the benefit of the doubt will demonstrate your belief that they will behave like the conscientious professionals they are.

In short, using positive psychology when dealing with your remote employees will help them keep their own spirits high – even as we continue in our current lockdown. They will reward you with great attitudes – and a continued commitment to your organization.

We’ll get through this.


P.S. Please share your own tips or suggestions on what you are doing with your teams in the comments below.
Jeff Baietto
COO + Co-Founder

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