Quick Tips #14: Five Ways to Make Your Sales People Happier

Written by Injoy Global Co-Founder & COO, Jeff Baietto on June 17, 2020

Of course you want everyone who works for your business to be happy. But this is especially true when it comes to your sales people. And the reasons are clear. Research shows that happier sales people can boost sales by 37%!

Sales people are also the face of your organization to your customers, as they may be one of the few people they ever meet in person. Happier sales people reflects well on your business. This will increase your customers’ loyalty and recurring sales.

In short, it is crucial that you work to ensure your sales force is happy to work for you. Here are five tips that can help you do this.

1. Let Them Know You Understand The Difficulty of Their Job – There’s no doubt that sales is a tough profession. Sales people must throw themselves out into an uncaring world all alone every day, getting rejected more often than not – and then rise up again tomorrow to do it all over again.

You can’t change their job. But you can change your perception of it. Let them know that you are aware of their challenges – and appreciate their tenacity. Demonstrating your personal respect and gratitude for their work will help them stay positive.

2. Fewer Meetings and Administrative Tasks – and More Breaks – The best sales people are usually extroverts who excel in the spotlight. But many consider meetings and admin work to be grunt work that just saps their energy and wastes their valuable time.

So cut down on meetings – and give them more time off. A refreshed sales person is usually a much more effective sales person. Remember, their time in front of clients can be extremely short. So you’ll want them completely rested so they can perform at their best.

3. Public Displays of Appreciation – Ironically, even though they are the lifeblood of the company, sales people can sometimes be seen in a negative light. It is important to highlight how important they are to the company not only for their sake – but for the sake of all your other employees.

As natural performers, sales people love to have their victories acknowledged and celebrated publicly. Positive company-wide shout-outs can make them just as happy as a lucrative bonus structure.

4. Provide Access to a Positive Support Network – Cloud-based Culture Reinforcement software like Injoy Global’s Culti-Vate Culture Improvement Platform can connect everyone in your organization, regardless of department or job function.

This can help sales people feel like everyone in the company is behind them, while making other employees more appreciative of what sales folk contribute. The more employees understand each other’s roles and challenges, the more they will respect and support them. This is critically important to the success of any positive culture.

5. Remind Them of Your Company’s Values – Constantly pitching your company to a world filled with seemingly indifferent prospects can be daunting. Knowing the positive values that underpin your company can bolster their belief in your mission and help them keep going.

Like everyone, sales people will perform much better when they understand and buy into a company’s commitment to a higher purpose. This will help raise their spirits – along with their ultimate sales results. 

The happiness of your sales team can have a tremendous and positive impact on your sales totals, customer satisfaction levels and profitability. Everything you can do to lift their spirits will pay off in the end.

Culture is the key.

P.S. Please share your own tips or suggestions on what you are doing with your teams in the comments below.
Jeff Baietto, COO + Co-Founder

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