Quick Tips #16: Five Ways You Can Use Technology to Strengthen Your Culture

Written by Injoy Global Co-Founder & COO, Jeff Baietto on June 22, 2020

Creating a positive corporate culture is largely a personal, human-to-human experience. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use technology to reinforce your efforts. In fact, it may be the single-best way to strengthen your culture today, considering many of your employees are still remote.

And this will likely remain true even after we return to the office. Most workers’ interface with your company and customers through one form of technology or another. So it only makes sense to leverage use technology to fortify your positive corporate culture across the board.

Here are five ways to do that.

1. Use a Cloud-based Culture Reinforcement Platform to Connect Employees to Your Values – and Each Other – Cloud-based platforms enable every employee in your company to bond with everyone else. No matter where they are located on your org chart, or for that matter, in the world.

Available on a 24/7, always-on basis, such programs will enable your employees to take part in group events, virtual challenges and other fun activities. Helping them to learn – and live – your company’s core values.

2. Solicit and Collect Feedback in Real-Time – Want to know if a new policy, procedure or benefit is being received favorably by your employees? A tech-based culture program will enable you to ask everyone in your organization – and get the results instantly.

This can include surveys, simple questions or detailed queries. A connected platform will enable you to learn what your employees are thinking – and whether your policies should be changed.

3. Better Facilitate Training and Career Advancement – Great cultures can also use technology can provide employees with access to multiple ways to improve their value and advance their careers.

This can include links to internal and external skill-building exercises and classes. Technology can also help them monitor their results – and even report them back to the company. This can position them for raises, heightened responsibilities and even promotions.

4. Leverage the Technology Your Employees Are Already Using – Like everyone else these days, your workers spend a lot of their time looking at their smart phones. So if you want to reach them, go where they live.

You should also strive to deliver information via the formats that will work best for such devices – and your busy workers. This includes quick videos, infographics and other shorter, visual forms of “snackable” content.

5. Let Them Participate on Their Schedule – Today’s employees are incredibly busy. Their demanding jobs and family schedules can make it difficult to find time to form deeper connections with your culture – even if they wanted to.

An on-demand cultural reinforcement program will allow employees to join in without interfering with their personal or work schedules. This will enable to them to enjoy the experience more, spend more time getting to know your values – and ultimately get far more out of the experience.

Technology is an essential part of our daily work and home lives. Leveraging its power to reinforce your positive culture will lead to higher engagement rates, higher levels of satisfaction – and better outcomes.

As always, culture is the key.


P.S. Please share your own tips or suggestions on what you are doing with your teams in the comments below.

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